Is Trevor Noah Married to Wife? Or Dating A Girlfriend?

Images of an American Television host, Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah is a native of Johannesburg, South Africa who has made it big on American television. He hosts the popular satirical news show, The Daily News. His show airs on Comedy Central and has gained a huge following through the years.

The funny and handsome host has become very popular and many are speculating if he is married or not. That is the query that has crossed the curious minds of his many female fans. Trevor Noah has been in several relationships but he prefers to keep them private as much as possible.

Dani Gabriel

Dani Gabriel was the first girlfriend of Trevor Noah that he made public. They started their romance in 2014 when Trevor was just starting out in the television industry. At that time Trevor was just a foreign correspondent for The Daily Show. He also traveled across the globe for his stand-up comedy shows and Dani traveled with him. Dani is a musician and licensed physiotherapist based in South Africa. She was very supportive of his budding career.

In 2015, the makers of The Daily Show named Trevor as the new host of the show. This meant that he had to relocate to New York for his exciting new job. Dani decided to stay in South Africa and it was at this point that their relationship ended. A long-distance relationship was not feasible for both of them at that point in their lives.

Trevor Noah with his ex-girlfriend, Dani
American Television host, Trevor Noah and his Ex-girlfriend, Dani Gabriel.

Jordyn Taylor

Trevor began dating Jordyn Taylor shortly after he relocated to the United States in 2015. Jordyn is a famous singer and model. The singer was beside Trevor as he went up the stage to claim his Best Host award at the MTV Movie Awards in 2018. However, the couple went on their separate ways later that year. Trevor and Jordyn ended their relationship discreetly in the later part of 2018.

It was only in January 2019 when Jordyn admitted to her fans that she and Trevor have ended their relationship. The singer made the announcement on Instagram. She admits that she loves Trevor even if they are no longer together and that they have remained amicable.

Trevor Noah with his ex-girlfriend, Jordan
American Television host, Trevor Noah and his Ex-girlfriend, Jordyn Taylor.

Minka Kelly

In August 2020, news began to make the rounds that Trevor is dating actress Minka Kelly. Their relationship progressed quite rapidly, especially during the pandemic. They had more time for themselves during the quarantine.

The relationship was going smoothly and they have begun making long-term plans. Minka moved into Trevor’s apartment in New York. Oftentimes, they juggled their time between their homes in New York and in Los Angeles. At some point, Trevor decided to look for a permanent home in Los Angeles that they would share.

In December 2020, the couple found their dream home. It was a $27.5 million mansion in Bel-Air. Their future home was a three-story structure that had 6 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, an exercise gym, an outdoor pool, a wine cellar, and a mini-theatre.

However, Trevor and Minka parted ways in May 2021. This was shocking news for their fans who were hoping that the couple was finally settling down. Minka moved out of their shared home after the split.

Trevor And Minka are Back Together?

Rumors have begun to circulate that Trevor and Minka have patched things up. This news came after the couple was spotted on a holiday in St. Barts in the Caribbean in June 2021. They were spotted exploring the island and holding hands. A few days later, they were also spotted out on the streets of New York. They have not reunited as a couple for now but they are on the road to mending their differences.

Trevor Noah with his current girlfriend, Dani
Trevor Noah, host of popular satirical news show, The Daily News, and his current girlfriend, Minka Kelly.

Is Trevor Noah Gay?

Trevor Noah is definitely not gay. His dating history is proof of that. The host has been associated with a string of women over the years.

Is Trevor Noah Married?

Trevor Noah is still a bachelor as of 2021. However, things are looking really well for him and Minka Kelly. It seems that their romance will be rekindled anytime soon. The proof of that is the amount of time they have been spending together after their break-up. It will not be a surprise if they announce that they are back together soon.

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