Is Jonathan Groff Married to Partner?

American actor and singer, Jonathan Groff

Having professional acting and performing live in front of people is considered a great skill by many. American actor and singer Jonathan Drew Groff is that one of many. Groff has achieved a successful career by performing on stage and television, for which he has been awarded as well.

Born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the U.S, on March 26, 1985, this award-winning gay actor fell in love with acting at the age of three. His interest in acting sparked after watching Mary Poppins. However, Groff became a known individual as a regular actor and a gay actor. Being a gay actor was not Groff’s professional choice but a private one.

Thousands of Groff’s fans recognize him for being a homosexual. Moreover, Groff’s gutsy tv performance as gay has won him several awards and provided great TV series appearances. Being one of the famous names in the tv industry, Groff has a good relationship with other prominent actors and actresses. Some of Groff’s relationships that ended in intimacy have caught the media’s attention.

Is Jonathan Groff Married?

Following the surge of Groff in the media, fans have been wondering whether this gay actor has wedded anyone. As of the latest source, the 36-year-old Jonathan Groff is yet to tie the knot.

Because Groff is gay, he is inevitably looking to marry a male. In the past, Groff has dated several men and came close to matching them on numerous occasions. Despite building some severe relationships in the past few years, most of Groff’s connections didn’t last long.

Moreover, Groff’s busy schedule is also to be blamed. Groff fails to commit more valuable time with his loved ones due to his hectic workload.

Hence, Groff must have a hard time maintaining his relationship status, and thus, marriage was out of his reach.

Jonathan Groff Boyfriend/Partner

Everyone knows that Groff revealed himself as gay in 2009 when a reporter asked him during the National Equality March. While many fear revealing their different sexuality, Groff came out full of pride and dignity. Moreover, being gay did not affect Groff’s career either.

Fortunately, Groff found other homosexuals who shared the same perspective. To the source’s knowledge, Groff has had three relationships that the entire fanbase is aware of.

Current Boyfriend

At the present moment, Groff is in a relationship with Corey Baker. Baker is a New Zealand-based contemporary and classical choreographer. Besides being a dance teacher, Baker used to be a teacher as well. During the time Baker taught at Summer School of Christchurch International Musical Theatre, he met Groff, a physical education teacher.

Baker and Groff made their relationship public in early 2018. At the time, Groff and his boyfriend were living with their mother in their respective house. Hence, they didn’t get the chance to live together due to fear of raising awkward tension.


Before Groff held hearts with Baker, he had dated other guys who were also renowned individuals. Previously, there were speculations of Groff dating Zachary Quinto. The rumors of Groff and Quinto began in 2010 and were confirmed in September 2012. Fans may be aware of Quinto as the one who had roles in Star Wars movies.

Unfortunately, Groff ended his relationship with Quinto in 2013. Hectic time slots took a toll on Groff’s love life. Furthermore, neither Quinto nor Groff could meet each other, which resulted in ending their relationship. However, even after the breakup, Groff is in a good relationship with Quinto.

Similarly, Groff’s first gay relationship was with a tv actor named Gavin Creel. Groff maintained a low profile with Creel from 2009 to 2010. As a result, nothing much is available about Groff’s first relationship.

Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele

One of the reasons Groff is associated with Michele is because of their friendship. The former stars of Glee are known to be best friends since the day they auditioned for Spring Awakening. Groff and Michele showed signs of budding friendship since the day they met. Michele has also described in one of her books how ridiculous Groff looked with his short pants, horrible hairstyle, and unpressed shirt. This book was primarily dedicated to Groff.

Lea Michele is a renowned American actress, singer, and author who is at the age of 34. The author of Brunette Ambition dedicated a whole chapter for his best friend forever.

On numerous occasions, Michele said that Groff’s presence alone refreshes her mood. We could see a glimpse of Groff’s care for Michele when he flew all the way to console Michele when her boyfriend, Cory Monteith, passed away.

Many speculate if there is any romantic relationship between Michele and Groff. Sources claim that Groff is only a best friend of Michele. Furthermore, Lea Michele wedded her fiancé Zandy Reich in March 2020.

Jonathan Groff with his close friend Lea Michele
Jonathan Groff with Glee star Lea Michele, his close friend.

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