Is Laura Ingraham Married to Her Husband?

Images of of the controversial show hosts, Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham is notoriously known for being one of the controversial show hosts of all time. Being in the headlines for numerous reasons, Laura surely knows how to catch the media’s attention. Laura, born to a World War II veteran on June 19, 1963, is a Christian.

Regardless, Laura is an educated woman who has an outstanding career for herself. This controversial host got her credentials from Dartmouth College and went on to study law at the University of Virginia. Having looked at top-notch institutes, Laura is doing well in her established career as of now. In addition, Laura has built such a successful career that it appears she does not need a partner in her life.

This does not mean that Laura never scouted a man in her life. In fact, Laura has tried her luck settling with a couple of men in the past.

Is Laura Ingraham Married?

Now, the million-dollar question is whether Laura Ingraham is a married woman. It seems that even after dating plenty of men in the past, Laura has had no luck finding her true soulmate. Various reports have confirmed that Laura Ingraham is still single to this date.

For a long time, there are rumors about Laura tying the knot with many known personalities. However, any buzz surrounding Laura’s marital status proved to be false.

Despite holding an unmarried status, this has not stopped Laura from dating most men and almost settling in with either of them.

However, although Laura is not a married woman, she has three children. Laura vowed to give all three kids true motherly love. These three children are a girl from Guatemala named Maria Caroline and two Russian boys Nikolai Peter and Michael Dmitri.


For the first time, Laura made the headlines when she dated Robert Torricelli, an ex-Democratic Senator of New Jersey. Laura and Robert began their love story in late 1999. Similar to the previous one, this relationship did not bear any fruit as well.

Similarly, one of Laura’s prominent dating history was with a fellow broadcaster, Keith Olbermann, dating one another in 2008. However, things did not last long as Laura and Keith were quick to separate from each other. Though not confirmed, many believe that the reason for Laura and Keith’s separation was due to political differences. After parting ways with Keith, Laura also criticized Keith for insulting American troops.

Years later, Laura came to the media’s attention once again. However, unlike previous failed relationships, this time, it looked as if Laura was meant to settle in with an Indian author named Dinesh D’souza. D’souza and Laura had such good chemistry and were true admirers of one another. Later, Laura and D’souza announced their engagement and soon-to-be husband and wife. But before Laura and D’souza could walk down the aisle, they separated. No one knows why Laura’s relationship with D’souza ended as she has kept it private.

A similar issue occurred in 2005 when Laura broke up with her ex-fiance, James V. Reyers.

Among the list of Laura’s past relationships, most of the names have been of prominent figures. However, none of these famous guys proved to be a good match for Laura. Although Laura has an illustrious career in the media, the host of The Laura Ingraham Show is still struggling to find the right man at 58 years of age despite coming close to marriage on numerous occasions.

Laura Ingraham with his ex-boyfriend, Dinesh
A Television host, Laura Ingraham with his ex-boyfriend, Dinesh D’Souza.

Is Laura Ingraham Gay?

For some time, Laura Ingraham and homosexuality are associated with one another. Failed relationships with men and being unmarried for more than 50 years have led to people thinking that Laura could be a lesbian. However, Lauran has never officially accepted this rumor, nor is she gay.

Furthermore, Laura has been against homosexuality for a long time. Even during her college days, Laura wrote inappropriate articles on gay people of her college. Laura was so much against this trend that she even refused to eat at the local restaurants where gay waiters served food.

On the other hand, Laura’s brother, Curtis, is openly gay. Curtis’s partner died of AIDS and seeing this changed Laura’s views on gay people. According to the Fox host, gay people are people with strength, fidelity, and dignity. However, Laura is still adamant on the fact that marriage should only be between males and females.

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