Is Eric Stonestreet Married to Wife or Dating a Girlfriend?

Images of Famous American actor and comedian, Eric Stonestreet

Famous American actor and comedian Eric Allen Stonestreet was born on September 9, 1971. This Kansas State graduate is well known for depicting the role of fictional character Cameron Tucker on ABC’s famous documentary sitcom Modern Family.

Achieving great success in his acting career, Eric has three Emmy Awards nominations. Similarly, Eric has achieved well from his role as a supporting character in this comedy series, winning two best supportive character awards.

Such an established professional like Eric seems to have trouble in his love life. Even at 49 years of age, Eric is still relentless in his career rather than building close relationships.

Eric Stonestreet Sexuality

Often, people are confused regarding Eric Stonestreet’s sexuality, and rightfully so. In fans’ eyes, Eric is that funny-looking gay guy from the TV. People tend to picture Eric as the character he plays. However, this judgment about Eric is not valid.

Though Eric’s character portrays a gay person dating men in tv shows, he is straight. Moreover, Eric has openly said that he is heterosexual during an interview with Oprah. However, Eric is not bothered by fans slamming him for being gay or labeling him as one. Eric believes that his fame most likely caused this confusion on his sexuality as a gay character.

On the other hand, Eric’s partner in Modern Family, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, is gay whose husband is Justin Mikita. Perhaps Eric being in contact with other gays also made the fans mistake him for being homosexual.

Though Jesse and Eric have good chemistry on the show as a gay couple, the two are only friends in reality. Furthermore, Jesse disregarded any rumor of Eric’s sexuality by calling him a guy, who became gay only for pay.

Nonetheless, Eric is straight. However, Eric strongly supports the LGBT community. Eric even proved his support for this community by refusing to take a photo with Rick Santorum, a protestor and a hater of LGBTQ+ equality.

In other words, regardless of his gender, Eric has no problem with meeting gay people and instead supports them from all his heart.

Is Eric Stonestreet Married or Not?

It seems that a prominent tv star like Eric has had trouble settling in with a woman. Perhaps Eric’s realistic gay character has had something to do with this situation. Shockingly, the Modern Family actor has not found a wife for himself.

Eric is soon to be in his 50s, and time for settling in with someone seems to be slipping away from him. But with over 20 years of excellent media career and a net worth of $23 million, it is not difficult for Eric to bring a woman into his life. Eric’s staggering wealth and charming attitude are enough to make any woman happy.

Girlfriend and Dating History?

Eric Stonestreet has tried his luck swaying women at his side. However, to any woman, Eric develops feelings for things that do not work out.

Luckily, Eric has now found someone he can dream of having a family with. Since early 2018, Eric has been dating a woman named Lindsay Schweitzer.


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Reports suggest that Lindsay Schweitzer is a licensed nurse who specializes in pediatrics. Lindsay came to the limelight ever since associating herself with Eric Stonestreet. Despite being a celebrity’s girlfriend, Lindsay keeps her profile low.

However, Eric is there to show every moment that the two share with each other. In an interview, Eric revealed that he met Lindsay at a charity event named Big Slick in 2017 held in Kansas.

Eric, being a comedian and prankster, pulls numerous pranks on Lindsay. Moreover, Eric records all these pranks on his phone to share with his followers. Seeing such a wholesome moment of Eric and Lindsay tells that the two will be lifelong partners.

Besides Lindsay, there have been numerous times when Eric had his name associated with other women. Once, there was a buzz about Eric having a relationship with Charlize Theron, a South African actress and producer. Eric and Charlize could be spotted several times ever since the rumor but later stopped meeting. Ultimately, it put an end to Eric, and Charlize’s speculate love story.

Eric Stonestreet and his rumored girlfriend, Charlize Theron
A famous actor, Eric Stonestreet, and his rumored girlfriend, Charlize Theron.

Similarly, Eric almost surely married his former girlfriend, Bethenny Frankel. Eric himself confirmed that he had some connection with Frankel that made him love her head over heels. However, Eric and Frankel decided to remain friends. Bethenny Frankel is one of the most followed reality show celebrities of all time. She later married Paul Bernon in 2018.

Eric Stone with his ex-girlfriend, Bethenny Frankel
Eric Stone with his ex-girlfriend, Bethenny Frankel.

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