Is Michael Bloomberg Married after Susan Brown?

American businessman and politician, michael bloomberg

Most Americans are aware of Michael Bloomberg as a renowned political enthusiast. Some may also recognize this individual as the co-founder of Bloomberg L.P. Regardless of what position Bloomberg may hold; we cannot deny that he is successful at what he does. No wonder why Bloomberg ranks eighth in the Forbes list of billionaires with a wealth of $60.1 billion.

Born on February 14, 1942, this citizen of Massachusetts had the privilege of getting his credentials from the Business School of Harvard and Johns Hopkins University.

Though Bloomberg secured massive success in his career, the same cannot be said for his married life. Reports show that Bloomberg had a rough marriage but later got back on track with a new woman.

Michael Bloomberg First Wife, Susan Brown

Previously, Michael Bloomberg tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Susan Brown. Sources claim that the former Bloomberg couple had an eighteen-year-long married life. There is no doubt that Bloomberg loved his ex-wife dearly. In fact, Bloomberg assisted Susan on numerous occasions. One such instance was when Bloomberg provided Susan with $500k to buy a new condo and also trusted the same amount into Susan’s name.

michael bloomberg first wife
American businessman and politician, Michael Bloomberg with her first wife Susan Brown.


Michael Bloomberg walked down the aisle with Susan in 1975. However, the Bloomberg couple carried on their wedding ceremony in a private venue where only their families attended.


After spending nearly eighteen years together, Bloomberg shocked the people by announcing his and Susan’s departure. Hence, it comes as a shock as to why Bloomberg split with his ex-wife. Though the people were baffled by the news, it certainly did not affect Bloomberg’s children since they saw it coming.

One of Bloomberg’s children revealed why her parents split. According to her, Susan was a private person, unlike her husband. Despite marrying a famous individual, Susan wanted to maintain a low-key life. She would instead prefer to read books alone than be in front of the media all the time. However, considering Bloomberg’s profile as a former mayor and politician, maintaining a low profile seemed difficult.

Furthermore, Bloomberg was so caught up in his profession that he barely spent time with his family. Bloomberg’s late-night works and hectic schedule distressed Susan, who ultimately demanded a divorce from Bloomberg. Hence, Bloomberg separated from his wife in 1993.

Though Susan’s married life with Bloomberg may not be a romantic one, she respects her husband as a man even after marriage. This is why Susan and the father of her children still maintain a friendly relationship and are in touch.

What is Susan Brown Doing Now?

Susan Brown, whose original name is Susan Elizabeth Barbara Brown, carries a British nationality since she originated from Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Similarly, Susan did her education from different parts of Europe, including Queen Margaret’s school in England and Le Manoir in Switzerland. Despite coming to the limelight after wedding Bloomberg, much information on Susan is still unavailable. This is why no sources are claiming what Susan is doing in 2021.

However, we know that the former wife of Bloomberg is a responsible mother of two.

Michael Bloomberg Children

In Bloomberg’s and Susan’s 18 years as a married couple, they managed to have two daughters, Emma Bloomberg and Georgina Bloomberg. One daughter is an Ivy League graduate, whereas the other is a winning horse rider.

Though the Bloomberg sisters may be opposites, they still hold a very close relationship with each other. Needless to say that both daughters of Bloomberg are powerful independent women.

Michael Bloomberg's daughters from his first wife
Michael Bloomberg daughters, Emma Bloomberg and Georgina Bloomberg.

Emma Bloomberg

The elder daughter named Emma Bloomberg is as restless as her parents. While most children of millionaires spend their lives wasting money, Emma is on the path to creating her legacy.

The 41-year-old daughter is a businesswoman who got her credentials from Harvard. Moreover, Emma’s career is praiseworthy as she has spent over seven years working for non-profit organizations. Some of these organizations include Robin Hood Foundation, Bloomberg Family Foundation, the Park Avenue Armory, Stand for Children, and Ed Post. Finally, Emma became the founding CEO of Murmuration.

Speaking of Emma Bloomberg’s personal life, she is married and has a daughter. Emma walked down the aisle with a man whom she knew since her days at Princeton University. His name is Chris Frissora, an MBA graduate from Harvard, and he is currently working as Partner and Portfolio Manager at Chapford Capital Group.

Mike Bloomberg’s eldest daughter wedded in 2005. A decade later, Emma had her first child named Zelda Violet Frissberg.

Georgina Bloomberg

Bloomberg’s girls never cease to impress. As if one daughter’s portfolio was not impressive enough, Georgina Bloomberg is equally an outstanding woman. Georgina prefers to live in the limelight and welcomes any attention.

Aside from being Bloomberg’s favorite daughter, Georgina also has a passion for horse riding. Having mastered horse racing since the age of 21, Georgina has won several massive race competitions worldwide. Besides owning the New York Empire racing team, Georgina also owns several racehorses. Some of them, including Paola 233, Cessna 24, Lilli, Calista, Crown 5, Mandie, South Street, and Cliff Z, competed in M40 and Grand Prix divisions.


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Similarly, this 37-year-old equestrian is also the author of several adult novels. Graduating from New York University, Georgina has authored series of young adult books. One of four The A Circuit book series showcases Georgina’s own life and is the main character.

Georgina also pursuits a philanthropic path. So far, the daughter of Wall Street’s billionaire man homes several rescued animals, including dogs, pigs, goats, mules, and horses. Georgina is also associated with the Humane Society, Animal Aid USA, and the ASPCA.

Many may not be aware, but Bloomberg’s second daughter is a single mother who had a son in 2013 named Jasper Bloomberg. Georgina conceived Jason through her ex-boyfriend and former Argentine Olympic equestrian, Ramiro Quintana.

Is Michael Bloomberg Married Now?

After seven years of Bloomberg’s first and only divorce, he finally made the headlines with his new girlfriend. Mike Bloomberg began dating Diana Lancaster Taylor at the onset of the Millenium year. Diana Lancaster is an achieved woman who is a Business Executive and a former Superintendent of Banks in New York for nearly five years.

Bloomberg and Diana’s first meeting happened at a Citizens Budget Commission event where they seated next to each other. Since then, Diana has often appeared with Bloomberg multiple times at social functions or while launching campaigns. Moreover, Diana served Bloomberg during his mayorship.

As of now, Diana and Bloomberg are not married. However, Diana is Bloomberg’s domestic partner. For Diana, it was her first marriage. So, Diana does not bear any child as of now.

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