Is Chris Harrison Married After Divorce from Ex-Wife Gwen?

American television and game show host, Chris Harrison

Christopher Bryan Harrison or Chris Harrison is a famous television celebrity known as the host of A.B.C.’s dating show The Bachelor. Moreover, Harrison has appeared as the show’s host for almost 19 years.

Chris Harrison was born on 26th July of 1971 in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. His academic record includes graduation from Lake Highlands High School and applied to Oklahoma City University in the U.S. Upon graduation, Harrison started his journey as a host. Initially, Harrison was a sportscaster and then switched to hosting Designing competitions and gaming shows. However, Harrison only tasted fame when they began hosting The Bachelor.

Ironically, for being a host of a show where you intend to make lovely couples, Chris and his ex-wife proved to be not an excellent example of how a loving couple should be.

Chris Harrison was Married to Ex-Wife Gwen Harrison

Despite being college lovebirds who knew each other for nearly two decades, it came as a shock when Harrison ended his marriage with Gwen.

How Did They Meet?

Harrison and Gwen’s first encounter happens to be where most young romances begin with, that is, during their college days. Chris and Gwen both met for the first time while they were attending Oklahoma City University. It was not long after knowing each other that they decided to get married.

Married Life

After graduating from Oklahoma University, Harrison and Gwen became an official couple after the wedding in 1994. In their 18 years long married life, Harrison managed to have an elder son and a daughter with his ex-wife. Son’s name is Joshua Harrison, and daughter’s name is Taylor Harrison.

Furthermore, since Harrison was already a famous personality, his family came to the limelight as well. The Harrison couple garnered many fans and featured walking in red carpets on different occasions as well.

Image of Gwen Harrison and her children, Chris Harrison first wife
American television and game show host, Chris Harrison with his first wife Gwen Harrison and their son and daughter.


However, Harrison’s fairy tale love story saw its end in 2012. The host of The Bachelor bewildered his fans by announcing his departure with Gwen. The decision to split apart was painful for Chris himself. Chris revealed that the reason for divorcing Gwen was due to irreconcilable differences. In addition, Chris’s relationship started to become unbearable, and he kept finding himself in a tough spot. Thus, the former Harrison couple put an end to their marriage for good.

However, Chris amicably divorced Gwen. Although Chris found his married life stressful, he and Gwen still maintain a strong friendship. Having spent years together, the way Chris and Gwen ended their relationship was bittersweet, if not sad.

After separation, Harrison still had few runs as the host while Gwen became a successful real estate agent of Aviara Real Estate.

Is Chris Harrison Married to a New Wife?

As of late, there have been many speculations regarding Chris’s new marriage. On his Instagram, we could see Chris showing a woman with praises, almost confirming his marital status.

A few years back, Chris created a buzz in the media by revealing his new girlfriend, Lauren Zima. Likewise, on April 2021, Chris just tore down the house by displaying a photo of him and Lauren in their wedding dress.

No one could confirm if this Chris is married to Lauren because he never announced his new marriage. However, many of Chris’s fans congratulated him and Lauren on their new married life.

Lauren Zima, an equally famous tv personality, is a senior producer of multiple shows, including Entertainment Tonight, where she hosts. Lauren became a prominent figure since she interviews Hollywood stars in her show.

Regardless, Harrison and Lauren have not disclosed much about their relationship to the media. Though the new Harrison couple often appears in the public and social media. The lovely Instagram posts indicate that Chris and Lauren are more than each other’s date. As of now, Chris does not share any kids with Lauren except his children from a past relationship.

Chris Harrisons with her current girlfriend Lauren Zima
American television and game show host, Chris Harrisons with Lauren Zima.

Girlfriend and Dating History

Many curious fans believed that Chris’s extra-marital relationship was the reason for his divorce from Gwen. However, it turns out Chris was mainly loyal to his ex-wife since his younger days. Also, reports confirm that Gwen was indeed his first love. So, it goes to say that he doesn’t hold a theatrical record of any sort related to his affairs.

After the divorce, Chris kept his private life in the dark. Hence, no one can say for sure whom he dated during that period.

There were rumors of Chris spending some romantic time with Justin Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallette. Sources claim that Bieber’s mom and Chris met through the infamous reality T.V. host, Ryan Seacrest. Moreover, some claim to spot Harrison and Mallette together at a concert. But these rumors of Chris and Mallette were baseless and quickly subsided.

But after six years of divorcing his first wife, Harrison officially started a relationship with Lauren Zima in 2018. Harrison and Lauren were bound to meet each other since they are big names in the reality television industry. Their first meeting happened at the taping of Entertainment Tonight. Before their meeting, they exchanged their professional D.M.s.

In an interview, Lauren opened up about her initial encounter with Chris. Initially, Lauren did not find Chris appealing at all. But Lauren developed feelings for Chris quickly. At the time, Chris was open to being single, and Lauren followed by showing interest to him.

So far, Chris and Lauren have been together for three years. Though they are happy together, Lauren was upset with Chris for his controversial statement on racism. Later, Lauren and Chris were seen walking on the red carpet at Entertainment Weekly’s Awards event in 2019.

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