Is Anderson Cooper Married to Partner/Husband?

American broadcast journalist, Anderson Cooper

Expressing one’s true identity has always been a daunting task, especially for those with high social status like Anderson Cooper. Everyone is well aware that Anderson Hays Cooper is a famous American journalist and commentator of politics. He is one of the forefront media personnel of the CNN news who hosts Anderson Cooper 360°. Additionally, Cooper also serves as the news anchor for 60 Minutes on CBS News.

A well-respected man of his stature, Cooper, has millions of fans across the world. However, it shocked everyone when Cooper announced his sexuality to the world.

Anderson Cooper is Gay

Born on June 3, 1967, the 54-year-old took 45 years of his life to come out as gay. It was on July 2, 2012, when Cooper publicly revealed that he was indeed gay. By doing so, Cooper became the very first famous gay journalist on television in 2012. Moreover, Cooper made another history by becoming the first person of the LGBT community to moderate a presidential debate in 2016. Doing so brought Cooper numerous awards from GLAAD, an LGBT rights organization.

However, before mustering up the courage to come out as gay, Cooper had long and hard thought about it. Cooper felt being gay since the age of six before he knew what gay means. The unmanly behavior and weird likings for males slowly made Cooper realize his sexuality.

During high school, Cooper tried confessing to his friends. However, Cooper’s environment made him feel uncomfortable, and he decided to suppress his emotions. But after college, Cooper not only accepted the way he is but embraced being gay because being his natural self gave him strength.

Cooper had his fair share of struggles after getting his credentials from Yale University in 1989. At the time, Cooper wanted to serve in the US military, but he could not join them for being a gay man.

Even before same-sex marriage saw its daylight, Cooper wanted to wed another man. Cooper knew that he had to do something so that people could acknowledge his true self. This led Cooper to ask for a favor from his writer friend, Andrew Sullivan, to publish an email on his behalf revealing his homosexuality to everyone he knew.

Many are scared of admitting to being gay; Cooper considers it a blessing in his life. Furthermore, it has given Cooper the strength to be better in life.

Is Anderson Cooper Married to His Husband?

Despite Cooper wanting to marry on numerous occasions, he never did. Instead, Cooper had a decent relationship history which ended too.

Even without a husband, Cooper is still the father and mother of Cooper’s newly born son. On April 27, 2007, Cooper took the responsibility of a newborn baby named Wyatt Morgan Cooper through a surrogate mother. As of this date, Cooper’s parents are Wyatt with his ex-boyfriend, Benjamin Maisani.

Moreover, despite being unmarried, Cooper and Benjamin live together in the same house to parent their child. Cooper revealed in an interview that the two are not romantically involved but are still family. Alongside Benjamin, Cooper bought a historic estate called Rye House in Connecticut.

Anderson Cooper with his adorable son
Anderson Cooper with his adorable son, Wyatt Morgan Cooper.

Is He Dating a Boyfriend/Partner?

Ever since breaking up with Benjamin, there have been many rumors linking Anderson with a handsome guy named Victor Lopez. Victor is 18 years younger than Cooper. This buzz about Cooper and Victor began in early 2018 when Cooper was seen spending a lot of time in Dallas, Victor’s hometown. Later, Cooper and Victor made their relationship public by sharing their romantic snaps on Instagram.

Sadly, this was a short-lived relationship as Cooper and Victor parted ways by mid-2019. It was the same time Cooper lost his mother, while Victor did not bother being with him.

After departing from Victor, Cooper had his door open to date his best gay friend, Andy Cohen. However, any rumor regarding the relationship between Cooper and Andy Cohen is false as they are only friends.

His Previous Partner/Boyfriend and Dating History

Those keeping track of the 54-year-old journalist are well aware of his ex-boyfriend, Benjamin Maisani. No wonder the prominent show host never missed a day posting pictures of his love on social media.

Reports suggest that Benjamin is a nightclub owner who settled in the United States from Europe’s France. In New York City, Benjamin half studied filming and ended up going to art school to graduate as valedictorian from Hunter College.

Bookkeeping in the day and bartending at a gay bar at night was how Benjamin made his living. Finally, one day, Benjamin began his gay bars and nightclubs journey as he feels rejuvenated going to bars. A decade after bartending, Benjamin launched Eastern Bloc, which became an instant hit. Moreover, stars like Andy Cohen, Whoopi Goldberg, and Anderson have visited this club on its opening day.

It was in one of these gay bars where Cooper and Benjamin laid their eyes on each other. Reports suggest that Cooper dated his first gay boyfriend for at least eight years. Unfortunately, the year 2018 saw the end of Cooper and Benjamin’s love life.

Neither Cooper nor Benjamin opened about their split. Though Cooper mentioned not having a child was one of the reasons behind his and Benjamin’s splitting. But the two are good friends even after breaking up. For Cooper, Benjamin is still a family. The birth of Wyatt brought Benjamin and Cooper back together in 2020 but only as co-parents. Furthermore, Benjamin sold one of his nightclubs to cut back his duties to spend time with Cooper and the baby. Cooper confirmed this news in 2021.

Family: (Parents and Siblings)

Anderson Cooper is one of the luckiest men who was born to a wealthy and famous family. Originating from Manhattan, New York City, Cooper is the youngest son of artistic parents. Cooper’s old man, Wyatt Emory Cooper, is an experienced writer, whereas his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, is also a writer, fashion designer, and heiress.

Furthermore, Cooper had wealthy ancestors as well. His late great grandfather, Cornelius Vanderbilt, was a successful businessman and the founder of Vanderbilt shipping. Likewise, Cooper’s great-grandfather had two wealthy Vanderbilt grandparents. They were a millionaire Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt and another equestrian Reginald Claypoole Vanderbilt.

Similarly, the CNN correspondent grew up with three siblings, including a biological brother and two stepbrothers from his mother. Unfortunately, Cooper’s biological brother Carter left the world at the age of 23 due to suicide. With the other two brothers, Cooper has had slight ups and downs but later reconciled.

Anderson Cooper with his mother Gloria Vanderbilt
American broadcast journalist and political commentator, Anderson Cooper with his mother Gloria Vanderbilt.

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