Is Tom Selleck Married to Wife/Partner? Gay?

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Tom Selleck has been in the acting industry since 1965. The actor/ film producer was born on 29th January 1945. He came to the spotlight after starring in the series Magnum PI. The actor played the role of an investigator in the series, which started in 1980 and continued for eight years.

This article emphasizes Tom Selleck’s wife, his dating history, and his gay rumors.

Is Tom Selleck Married Now? Or Dating Any Girlfriend?

Tom Selleck is married to Jillie Mack for more than three decades now. The couple lives in California, where Tom owns a luxurious ranch. They also have a daughter, Hannah.

Is Tom Selleck Gay?

Tom depicts a strong masculine image in his screen works. However, he is mixed with many controversies throughout his career. In 1991, a magazine called ‘The Globe’ published blogs implying that the actor is gay. His gay rumors did not stop there. The public raised the topic, even more, when a gay group decided to mess up his image.

The group ‘Outpost’ made flyers of many celebrities whom they wanted to reveal as ‘gay’ to the public. They wanted to change people’s demeanor towards the gay community in society. As a result, they showed many already accepted celebrities implying that it’s normal. ‘Tom Selleck’s picture was a part of the equation with a tagline ‘Absolutely queer.’

The actor approached the Globe tabloid to remove the article. However, they denied his request. As a result, Tom pressed charges against the tabloid for shaming and humiliating him in public. He raised the issue of disrespecting his privacy and mental effect and demanded to sue the publication for $20 million. They solved the case in the same year, which involved The Globe apologizing to Tom in a public announcement.

Moreover, the actor took decisive steps to retaliate against the gay rumors they threw at him. As a result, many speculated that the actor was a ‘homophobe’ and disliked the gay community. To neutralize this, Tom featured in the film In and Out. The 1997 film revolved around the life of a gay journalist with a similar backstory to that of tom. As a result, he successfully convinced the public that he was not anti-gay.

Tom Selleck Past Marriage with Ex-Wives

Tom Married Jacqueline Ray

Jacqueline Ray is the first wife of the actor, Tom Selleck. However, Tom was her second husband.  Jacqueline also has a son named Kevin Shepard. Tom adopted her son and married the actress. Jacqueline is an actress herself. She has featured in the popular series Magnum PI beside Tom.

The couple spent 11 years in their marriage and split up in 1982. Both of them went on to remarry after the divorce. The reason for their split up is speculated to be all the attention that Tom got from his female fans. His role in Magnum PI made him really famous, and this infuriated Jacqueline.

Furthermore, Tom’s ex-wife is behind bars since 2014. According to our reports, Jacqueline Ray is pressed with murder charges and sentenced to 19 years in jail. She confessed her crime of hiring a murderer to kill her son-in-law, who repeatedly threatened and tortured her daughter.

Jacqueline Ray, Ex-wife of Tom Selleck
Jacqueline Ray, Ex-wife of Tom Selleck.

Tom and Jillie Joan Mack

Five years after his divorce from Jacqueline, Tom married the popular actress Jillie Mack in 1987. They are together for more than three decades and celebrate their marriage anniversary on the 7th of August every year. They have a grown-up daughter named Hannah. She was born after a year of their marriage on 16th December 1988.

In 1983, the actor was in London for his show Lassiter. There, he became obsessed with the performing group ‘Musical cats.’ He went to see them almost a dozen times with his co-star Jane Seymour. After a few days, everyone figured out his obsession when Tom started dating Jillie Mack. She was a dancer in the group.

Furthermore, Jillie shifted to Hawaii with the actor, and the couple started their romance story. They appeared everywhere, from news to events. Jillie also accompanied the actor in award shows and parties. Later in 1987, the couple tied knots of marriage. Tom prioritizes spending time with his family over everything.

Moreover, the actor takes frequent breaks from his work to spend a vacation with his wife and daughter. They are a democratic family and take account of every member’s opinion before making a decision. In 1988, the star of Magnum P.I, Tom Selleck, left the show to spend more time with his newlywed wife.

Tom Selleck with his current wife,Jillie Mack
An actor, Tom Selleck, and his current wife, Jillie Mack.

His Dating Life

Tom Selleck is a loving and devoted husband. Apart from his first marriage with Jacqueline, which didn’t turn out well, the actor has never dated anyone but his wife, Jillie Mack. The couple shares a true Hollywood Romance story and has been together for ages.


To date, Tom Selleck has two kids. One is his biological daughter, Hannah Selleck, with his present wife, Jillie Mack. And another is Kevin Shepard. The actor adopted Kevin in 1971. Kevin is also an actor himself. He has appeared in the Magnum PI shows, among many others. Currently, his whereabouts and details are unknown. However, we know that Kevin married Annabel and is now a father of six children.

Hannah Selleck is an athlete. She is an expert horseback rider and likes to introduce herself as a ‘professional equestrian.’ Hannah is primarily famous for being the daughter of Tom Selleck. She has 21.4k followers on her Instagram in 2021. Both her parents are well-recognized names in the acting and media industry.

However, they didn’t pressure their child to continue the legacy. Instead, they always kept Hannah far from public attention. From the age of four, she started horse riding with her father. As a result, she developed a deep passion for horses and now leads a horse breeding business together with her father.

Hannah also holds several awards at events like the Prix de States for horseback riding. Hannah is currently in a relationship with Nic Roldan, a professional Polo player for Team America.

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