Is Fran Lebowitz Married to Wife?

Image of a political commentator and an author, Fran Lebowitz

Fran Lebowitz is a political commentator and an author of high stature. Author of Metropolitan Life and Social Studies, Fran’s writing skills are often on par with Dorothy Parker’s. While some know Fran as a skilled author, others recognize her from a recently launched series on Netflix known as Pretend It’s a City.

Regardless, Fran is a hardworking woman who contributes to literature, politics, and activism while keeping herself away from modern technologies.

Fans of Fran couldn’t help but notice that she is openly lesbian. The 70-year-old who began living in New York came out as gay in the 70s and revealed that a gay like her would find freedom in this city. Hence, thousands of Fran’s fans are eager to know who Fran is dating or has dated in the past. But being a quiet individual who rarely talks about private life, Fran has revealed only bits of information.

Is Fran Lebowitz Married?

Fran Lebowitz has often come to the spotlight with numerous men and women. However, this does not confirm whether Fran is a married woman. Furthermore, Fran has never confirmed her marital status, nor does she bear any child. Also, though Fran affirmed dating women in the past, there has never been any news of her marrying one.

Perhaps Fran’s nature of hopeless love indicates that she is not meant to be married. Hence, we can assume that Fran is still single in her 70s.

Dating Rumors

Despite being a renowned writer and commentator, there have rarely been any buzzes on Fran’s dating life. Luckily, Fran likes to appear in the media more often than not. In some of her interviews, Fran has given little insight into her past.

While interviewing with Francesco Clemente in 2016, Fran revealed that she dated predominant women during her youth days. Despite being vocal about politics, Fran Lebowitz is tight-lipped when telling who she is dating. Hence, we could never know the identity of those Fran’s exes. But there was a picture of Fran putting her arms around a blonde woman. This photo of Fran looked to be of the 70s.

According to Fran, she loves women but cannot commit herself to anyone. One of the women Fran dated perfectly summed her up by saying that Fran shows interest in a woman for one day, and gradually that interest seems to fade away. Moreover, Fran loves reading books more than spending romantic time with a female.

Also, it came to light that none of Fran’s relationships with other women lasted only more than a few hours. Fran admitted that she could not be a monogamous lover and did not want anyone staying at her apartment for more than four hours. The longest relationship that Fran ever had lasted three years.

Is Fran Dating Toni Morrison?

Toni Morrison is a Harvard graduate novelist who has published books such as The Bluest Eye and Song of Solomon, both critically acclaimed. But Toni is also a lifelong friend of Fran Lebowitz. Perhaps she is one of the few women with whom Fran has maintained a lifelong friendship.

As a result, many speculate that Fran could be dating Toni Morrison. Moreover, Toni also divorced her husband Harold Morrison in 1964 and hasn’t married since then. This boosted the connection between Fran and Toni even more.

However, neither Fran nor Toni agreed to this rumor. Hence, we cannot say for sure about their dating.

Fran Lebowitz with her long time friend, Toni Morrison
A political commentator and an author, Fran Lebowitz and her long-time friend, Toni Morrison.

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