Is Mike Rowe Married?

Images of a veteran show host, Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe is a veteran show host most famous for hosting Dirty Jobs, a Discovery Channel series. The veteran show host’s voice has also appeared narrating on numerous channels, including Discovery, National Geographic, and The Science. Mike also gave an appearance in the TV industry, working for commercials. No wonder his immense talent and God gifted voice have helped him build a career.

Born as Michael Gregory Rowe on March 18, 1962, he is a native of Baltimore County and graduated from High School of Overleaf with credentials in communication studies from Towson University.

Mike’s television hosting career brought him success since the mid-1980s. But it did not stop him there as Mike is pretty much active in his profession even on this day.

For years, Mike has entertained millions worldwide and has garnered fans’ love and respect. However, the same fans have been speculating about Rowe’s married life. Records show that Mike is a highly private individual when it comes to disclosing his personal life. However, for some time now, fans have linked Rowe with some famous women. Not only that, but the rumors regarding Mike’s love life never stopped to amaze the people.

Mike Rowe Girlfriend Rumors

Besides his illustrious career, Mike came to the headlines on numerous occasions due to his dating rumor. However, Mike has been able to maintain a low-profile status regarding his love life. Hence, the information available on his stories are scarce. For now, we can assume that Mike has been in only two serious relationships.

Danielle Burgio

A few years back, Mike had a secret love affair going on with the star cast of The Matrix, Danielle Burgio. Danielle is a famous American actress and has a career as a stuntwoman six years younger than Mike. Mike and Danielle’s possible relationship rumor was speculated in the midst of 2015.

Furthermore, some sources also claim that everything was ready for the engagement between Mike and Danielle. Unfortunately, there is no evidence of this rumor, and not much is available about those two as they both were quiet about this buzz. However, this rumor quickly subsided after Danielle wedded producer Robert Merrill.

Mike Rowe with his ex-girlfriend, Danielle Burgio
A veteran show host, Mike Rowe, and his Ex-girlfriend, Danielle Burgio.

Sandy Dotson

After Danielle, the 59-year-old host was again in the headlines for dating. This time with a data management company’s executive, Sandy Dotson. Unlike previous rumors, there was proof of Rowe and Sandy dating each other. One source spotted Rowe and Sandy on vacation together in San Francisco.

Besides Sandy and Danielle, Mike also revealed a severe relationship with a woman in 2019. Many people thought it was Sandy. However, Rowe never disclosed her name. But Rowe said that the same woman broke his heart by cheating on him with someone else. But despite suffering devastation from the incident, Mike Rowe has forgiven her.

Even after being such a prominent name in the tv industry, it is remarkable how Rowe keeps his private life a secret.

Mike Rowe with his ex-girlfriend, Sandy Dotson
A veteran show host, Mike Rowe, and his Ex-girlfriend, Sandy Dotson.

Is Mike Rowe Gay?

Mike’s behavior towards maintaining his love life a secret has created a lot of suspicion regarding his sexuality. Moreover, ever since Mike publicly announced not having a child, fans quickly compared this behavior to that of a homosexual.

Hence, people did not back down from assuming that he is gay. However, the lack of evidence and his past relationships suggest that the rumor is false. Also, perhaps to address this buzz, Mike revealed his dating history. We can only assume that Mike wants privacy in his matters and feels insecure exposing it to the public. Mike also blatantly said that the idea of not wanting kids is because he is selfish.

Is Mike Row Married?

As the infamous host is approaching 60 years old, fans are more curious than ever to see who Mike is marrying. After his links with women in the past, fans couldn’t help but know what’s next for him.

Looking at the sources, we can assume that Mike Row is still single as of this date. Also, by announcing that he never has any kids, Mike could have secretly hinted to everyone that he will never marry anyone.

Hence, Mike Rowe has not married anyone at this age nor plans to have any child.

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