Is Venus Williams Married to Husband After Split from Ex-Boyfriend Nicholas Hammond?

Images of the most iconic female Tennis players, Venus Williams

Venus Williams is one of the most iconic female Tennis players. A 7-time grand slam title winner, the Afro-American debuted in 1994 when she was just 14 years old. Now and then, Venus appears on the media for one of her achievements or her relationship.

The 6’1” professional American player was born in Michigan and is a sibling to another star, Serena Williams.

This article provides information on topics surrounding Venus Williams, her marriage rumors, and her ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hammond.

Venus William Boyfriend

Venus Williams and Nicholas Hammond started dating in 2017. Many speculated that the couple was engaged as Venus wore a ring given by her partner. However, she clarified that the ring symbolized their relationship and termed it a friendship ring. Even though Nicholas likes to stay away from public attention, he didn’t hesitate to be there for his partner on important occasions. Multiple times, we have seen the guy cheering for his girlfriend in her professional games. Furthermore, the duo also attended Serena William’s marriage as a couple.

The couple belongs to different ethnicity. However, this hasn’t bothered them one bit. Nicholas’ family welcomed the tennis star in their home on many occasions. Nicholas owns a mansion in the Hamptons, and we’ve seen the duo spend their time in that place. Furthermore, the couple also visited Palm Beach during their relationship. But every beautiful thing eventually comes to an end.

The couple parted ways with no hard feelings in 2019. According to the reports, both are content with the decision and think their love has lived its time. However, some sources claim otherwise. Venus wanted a family and marriage. Nicholas was certainly not ready for major commitments. Due to this clash of priorities, the couple thought it best to end their relationship.

Who is Nicholas Hammond?

Nicholas Hammond is a multimillionaire and popular for being the ex-boyfriend of the tennis star Venus Williams. Now, Nicholas did not earn his fortune; rather, he was quite lucky. Dana Hammond, his mother, is the heir of the Annenberg family. Walter Annenberg (Dana’s grandfather) is a highly successful businessman and property owner of his time. He left half of the 4 billion empires to be distributed to his family members in his will. When Walter died, Nicholas became a multimillionaire overnight.

Nicholas is a financer and currently lives in Florida. The white American has black hair and a somewhat chubby appearance. Nicholas was in a relationship with Venus Williams for two years. During the time, he made many public appearances with the star. According to our reports, the multimillionaire owns a mansion in Hamptons, Florida.

Venus Williams with her boyfriend, Nicholas Hammond
The most iconic female Tennis player, Venus Williams, and her boyfriend, Nicholas Hammond.

Is Venus Williams Married to Husband?

In 2021, Venus is single and happy with her relationship status. Recently this year, she was live on her Instagram handle. There, her fans bombarded her with questions about her relationship and marriage. Additionally, multiple personalities and fans proposed to her during the live show. Venus made it clear that she is not in a relationship. And about the rumors of her marriage, she denied all of them.

Furthermore, Venus also rejected all the proposals that she faced during the live session. She mentioned that she is happy and content with her single life and isn’t thinking about marriage in any way. In an interview, she described herself as ‘undatable’ and crushed all the rumors of her relationship. The star got out of a two-year relationship with Nicholas Hammond in 2019.

Before Nicholas, Venus was in a relationship with two other men. Her first boyfriend was Hank Kuehne. Hank is a professional golf player, and the duo met in 2006. Their relationship went on for four years, and they also exchanged engagement rings in 2010. However, due to some complications, the couple had to split up after their engagement. Following their breakup, Hank married another lady named Andy in 2011.

After the split-up, Venus stayed single for a year. In 2012, she was working on her modeling line, ‘eleven fashion.’There, she met a Cuban model by the name of Elio Pis. They started dating and shared a relationship for the next five years. The couple split up in 2017 for unknown reasons.

Venus Williams with her ex-boyfriend, Hank Kuehne
Iconic female Tennis player, Venus Williams and her ex-boyfriend, Hank Kuehne.

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