Is David Muir Married to a Partner/Husband or Wife?

Image of American journalist, David Muir

David Muir is popular for his remarkable journalism and striking looks. The anchor is associated with ABC World News Tonight for a long time now. Furthermore, he has covered many for the channel in Iraq, Afghanistan, and many middle-east countries.

In 2014, the journalist made an appearance in the list of ‘Sexiest Men Alive.’ He was ranked alongside actors like Chris Hemingworth. In addition, David also possesses many Emmy awards, thanks to his reporting career.

Today, we look at the gay rumors, relationships, dating history, and married life of the journalist David Muir.

Is David Muir Gay?

The truth is, we can’t say for sure. That is because David has been quiet about the rumors and never talks about his personal life in public. However, we have some suspicions. David Muir has never shared a relationship with anyone to date. Does this give any hint?

People speculate that maybe the anchor is secretly dating someone of his gender and doesn’t want to reveal it to the public. Think about it, why such a good-looking guy does not have any past relationships. By now, the journalist and a nominee of ‘Sexiest Male on Earth’ should have dated a dozen of celebrities. We have reasons to doubt.

The journalist was born on November 8, 1973. In 2021, he turns 48 years old. His amazing looks and commendable personality hint to us that he can get anyone he wants. Moreover, the guy is also a millionaire. Women should be flocking around him, and they are!

His Instagram and other social media handles are flooded with comments from females who are head over heels for the journalist. As a result, we have some conclusions. Either David is living the best of his life away from cameras and public attention. Behind the scenes, he is dating whoever he wants or just not interested in dating altogether even though he is straight. Or, the journalist is gay and too shy to admit it to the public. So he is in a secret relationship with his partner. That said, we can never know unless David admits it himself or someone exposes him.

American journalist, David Muir
American journalist and the anchor of ABC World News Tonight, David Muir.

Is David Muir Married to His Wife?

David Muir is a single man in his late forties. He hasn’t married anyone and does not even have past relationships history.

David Muir Husband

Despite unconfirmed gay rumors, David Muir is not married to his husband. There’s no proof or information about David Muir’s husband.

Girlfriend and Dating History

A particular article from a reputed site caught our attention. On October 9, 2015, writer Kate Dries wrote about David Muir and his connection to the journalist. She claimed to be in a relationship with David Muir and hinted at a previous flair with Peter Jennings. Furthermore, she shared photos of the journalist that she reportedly captured, among other claims. As mentioned earlier, David’s female fans are like the apex predators in the dating ocean. Although none of the sites have confirmed the authenticity of the article and claim of Miss Kate, we have few conclusions.

First of all, the pictures she shared of David are from Instagram. Now, if they were close, she could share a rather unpopular picture to make a point. And how come a couple in a relationship does not have a photograph together? That would have ended the controversy altogether. Furthermore, the website staff is claiming David to be their boyfriend and making other funny comments. This hints at the fake nature of the article.

Covering this thread was not important. However, every single web article on David is mentioning Kate Dries and her article. So it’s our duty to provide the public with the authentic information that they deserve.

David Muir’s Rumored Gay Partners

In 2014, David had a colleague in the ABC channel. His fellow anchor Giovani Benitez is admittedly gay. And the rumors sparked up when the paparazzi photographed David and Giovani together on many occasions. Now the duo could be sharing a normal friendship. However, some sources also photographed the pair in a gay bar. This gave the public many reasons to talk about the incident and raise the topic. However, the closure came when Giovani married his boyfriend Tommy in 2015.

After the occasion, David Muir is free from any controversies. But we still can’t help but wonder why the journalist isn’t in a single relationship even though he is almost out of his youth. What do you think?

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